Mechanical Field Service (NE U.S. Only)

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Natural Gas Compressor and Engine Service, Overhauls

(Available only from our Northeastern U.S. operations)

For our customers in the Northeastern United States, Global Compression Services also offers mechanical field services including reciprocating compressor system and engine inspections, maintenance and overhauls on-site at customer facilities and installations.

Our compressor and engine service professionals can thoroughly inspect all major gas compressor and engine subsystems – including the fuel, ignition and starting systems – to ensure all systems are properly and optimally functioning. During the inspection process, any parts or components that may require repair or replacement are also identified and catalogued. In many instances, parts and components requiring replacement can often be removed and replaced on site.

Global Compression Services can also perform on-site maintenance and service for compressors and engines following recommended manufacturer service schedules based on operating hours or at specific customer-requested intervals. Conducting regular maintenance on your reciprocating compressor and engine systems ensures optimal performance with increased uptime and minimal interruption to operations.

Compressor package upgrades are possible as well, including re-cylindering, re-piping or completely refurbishing, and we can also install clean burn kits – both OEM and aftermarket – for improved emissions performance.

Global Compression Services also offers Northeastern U.S. customers a range of gas compression system and engine overhaul services, ranging in scope from top-end overhauls to complete overhauls, to off-frame, zero-hour overhauls. 90% of overhaul services are conducted completely in the field at the customer’s site of operations, depending on parts availability.

For complete overhauls, an engine or compressor is fully disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Worn parts are identified and either reconditioned to original OEM specs, repaired or replaced with new OEM or manufactured parts. Any requested upgrades are performed and components are recalibrated to OEM operating specs as required, and the system is re-assembled.

As part of our inspection and overhaul services, Global Compression Services provides customers with reporting documentation that is unsurpassed by our peers and unparalleled in the gas compression industry. Along with inspection findings and overhaul services performed, each report catalogs every part and component of the customer’s compressor and engine system in meticulous detail, including indications as to which parts may be at the low end of their tolerance. This report is provided as an electronic document and is useful in planning and budgeting for future services and repairs.

Additionally, Global Compression Services maintains a database of all customer equipment records to make it easy for our customers to contact us and quickly request parts. Part of our customer commitment is our responsibility to know your equipment as well as, or even better than, you do.

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Mechanical Field Services

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