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Global — More Than a Name

From the United States to South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and all points in between, U.S.-based Global Compression Services is a manufacturer and supplier of OEM and custom aftermarket parts and components for reciprocating natural gas engines and compressors around the world.

Global Compression Services is also the largest Altronic control systems distributor in North America and a leading manufacturer of engine accessories that include turbochargers, hydraulic and electric governors and more.

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The Compressor & Engine Parts You Need, Delivered Quickly

Global Compression Services maintains a huge on-hand inventory of more than 28,000 parts from leading OEM brands like Siemens, GE, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Lincoln, Altronic and many others. That means access to hard-to-find parts and less waiting to get the parts you need.

We maintain a full range of compressor parts including valve seats, valve guards, dampening plates, wafer plates, rings, springs, gaskets, pistons, rods, bushings, bearings, couplings, crosshead shoes and pins, liners, crank end heads, caps, chairs, spacers and much more.

We also provide a wide range of engine and ignition systems accessories including fuel valves, governors, starters, turbos, magnetos, catalytic converters, air/fuel ratio controllers and more.

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Complete End-to-End Custom Engineered Solutions

With our in-house design and engineering staff alongside our comprehensive manufacturing and fabricating capabilities, Global Compression Services provides our customers with complete start-to-finish solutions for custom aftermarket compressor parts.

Utilizing laser and GPS precision scanning, we can develop 3D models and 2D CAD drawings from customer-provided part samples for manufacture, and we can also fabricate parts from customer-supplied drawings.

Every custom aftermarket part we produce is built to spec, meticulously inspected throughout manufacturing and capable of meeting or exceeding original OEM specifications for both quality and performance. We also provide complete material spec documentation as required.

Natural Gas Is In Our DNA

Headquartered in the heart of North America’s oil and gas industry, Global Compression Services has been serving natural gas producers for more than 50 years with over 2,000 years of combined expertise in providing compressors and components, engine accessory equipment, and parts and service solutions for gas gathering operations.

Gathering and processing natural gas presents many unique challenges. Natural gas compression systems need to be able to handle a wide variance in gas composition with varying mixtures of non-hydrocarbons (like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water vapor) that may also contain particulates and contaminants which can adversely impact compressor performance and operational life.

Reciprocating compressors and engine systems are also frequently targeted by federal and local regulations for reducing emissions in gas gathering operations.

Whatever requirements your natural gas operations may have – from component reconditioning and repair to custom parts manufacture to clean burn kit upgrades – you can be confident that Global Compression Services will be a reliable expert partner to help you meet your operational goals.

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Turnkey Installation Solutions

For any size gas compressor and engine system, Global Compression Services can provide fully customized and complete turnkey installations of control panels, ignition systems, and other engine accessories such as hydraulic and electric governors, turbochargers and more.

From consult to development to implementation, start to finish, we can manage it all. We are equipped and experienced with the knowledge, expertise and inventory to be your single source of support for all your ignition system, control system, instrumentation, and engine accessory equipment needs.

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