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Global Compression Services is a 100% American-owned and U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of OEM and aftermarket parts, components and engine accessories for reciprocating compressors and ignition and control systems that power gas gathering operations around the world.

A true one-stop-shop solutions provider, we are firmly established on a long, rich and robust heritage of compression expertise gained and developed through over half a century of service. Our expertise spans design and engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, OEM products and parts, support, installation, maintenance and service. Our legacy of rock-solid customer support is here for you 24 hours a day.

We believe our customers’ success is our success, and it is this perspective that motivates us day-in and day-out to provide customers with creative, effective and efficient solutions for gas gathering compression systems. Whether we’re providing OEM parts, manufacturing aftermarket components, repairing and reconditioning compressor systems, or developing and installing complete ignition and control systems, we are continuously striving to be a trusted partner in all your gas gathering operations.

Global Compression Services is committed to developing long-term customer relationships built on trust, and being our customers’ preferred source for compression equipment expertise and technical support, delivered with the highest degree of reliability, accuracy and integrity.

Building a Legacy

Global Compression Services may be a new name but our experience supporting gas gathering operations with reciprocating compressor and engine services dates back over half a century, beginning in 1969 providing compressor valve repair services under the banner of H&S Valve.

Since that time, four separate companies supporting the gas compression industry – Global Compressor Parts, H&S Valve, Ignition Systems & Controls, and Potemkin Industries – were established independently, with each creating success in the gas compression industry on the strength of their expertise and customer service.

These four companies have now merged into the compression systems powerhouse under the name of Global Compression Services, with a strong legacy and foundation of industry-leading customer service; expertise in compression, engine and control systems for gas gathering operations; and a customer base and operations that stretch across the United States and around the world.

Click through the timeline below to learn more about the history and legacy of Global Compression Services.

1969 - HSV 1969 H&S Valve, Inc. is organized and begins operations as a valve repair company. 1978 - HSV 1978 H&S Valve opens a second facility – a valve repair shop – in Corpus Christi, Texas. 1980 - Pot 1980 Potemkin Industries, Inc. is incorporated as an aftermarket compressor parts manufacturing company. 1981 - HSV 1981 H&S Valve opens a compressor valve manufacturing facility in Odessa, Texas. 1981 - ISC 1981 Ignition Systems & Controls, Inc. forms as a division of Compressor Systems International and as an Altronic dealer under Advanced Ignition. 1983 - HSV 1983 H&S Valve opens a shop in Weatherford, Texas that will eventually splits into two operations, relocating to Longview, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1985 - ISC 1985 Ignition Systems & Controls is awarded an Altronic distributorship for the Permian Basin as a dual arrangement with Advanced Ignition. 1987 - Pot 1987 Potemkin Industries expands service offerings to include field service. 1988 - ISC 1988 Ignition Systems & Controls purchases Advanced Ignition, becoming the sole Altronic distributor in the Permian Basin. 1988 - ISC 1988 Ignition Systems & Controls pivots business focus from being a mag shop to a controls company, manufacturing and installing safety shutdown panels. 1990 - Pot 1990 Potemkin Industries expands direct sales and field services to Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York. 1991 - ISC 1991 Ignition Systems & Controls establishes an agreement with Altronic Controls as a distributor for control and safety shutdown panels. 1993 - Pot 1993 Potemkin Industries expands service offerings to include major component reconditioning. 1994 - ISC 1994 Ignition Systems & Controls purchases Hubble Systems, the Oklahoma City-based Altronic distributor for the state of Oklahoma. 1996 - ISC 1996 Ignition Systems & Controls expands to open a full service branch in the Four Corners region. 1998 - ISC 1998 Ignition Systems & Controls purchases Vaughn and Bush, the East Texas regional Altronic distributor. 1998 - HSV 1998 H&S Valve in Corpus Christi, Texas begins operations as a full machine shop capable of manufacturing all compressor components (piston rods, piston rings, etc.). 1999 - ISC 1999 Ignition Systems & Controls purchases Rocky Mountain Ignition, the Altronic distributor for seven northern states. 2005 - Pot 2005 Potemkin Industries obtains Ajax Distributorship and expands service offerings to include leasing compressor packages. 2007 - ISC 2007 Ignition Systems & Controls is awarded exclusive distributorship rights for Altronic in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. 2007 - GC 2007 Global Compressor is established. 2007 - POT 2007 Potemkin Industries expands facilities to manage the increase of in-house engine and compressor overhauls and compressor re-packaging. 2008 - POT 2008 Potemkin Industries expands service offerings to include Global Compressor as a distributor. 2009 - GC 2009 Global Compressor becomes a distributor for Potemkin Industries. 2011 - GC 2011 Global Compressor moves to a larger facility to accommodate business growth and expansion. 2011 - ISC 2011 Ignition Systems & Controls purchases Taylor Industrial Ignition in Lafayette, LA and is awarded Altronic distribution rights for all of western Louisiana. 2012 - GC 2012 Global Compressor International group is established. 2012 - HSV 2012 H&S Valve in Corpus Christi, Texas opens a manufacturing facility. 2013 - GC 2013 Global Compressor establishes a machine shop. 2017 - HSV 2017 H&S Valve is acquired by the Warren Equipment Company. 2017 - GC 2017 Global Compressor celebrates its 10-year anniversary. 2020 - POT 2020 Potemkin Industries is acquired by the Warren Equipment Company. 2020 - GC 2020 Global Compressor is acquired by the Warren Equipment Company. 2021 - GCS 2021 As part of the Warren Equipment Company, H&S Valve, Ignition Systems & Controls, Potemkin Industries and Global Compressor merge operations into a single business entity under the banner of Global Compression Services.
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